Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Don’t Hide Your Million Dollar Idea

Some food for thought.

  • It’s not new. Everything has already been thought of by someone else. And if you’re somehow the first to think it, someone else will think of it soon.
  • Nobody steals new ideas. They’re untested and carry a lot of risk to execute. Nobody wants to get it wrong and be hundreds of thousands of dollars in the red. 
  • Few people steal good ideas. Even if an idea has some merit and an easy-to-follow blueprint, it’ll likely demand a huge amount of time and resources to get started. Do you really want to drop everything you’re doing to do something risky that has a decent financial reward? Unlikely.
  • Most people steal amazing ideas. Those are one in a million. And if it just popped into your head, a dozen heavily funded teams are already working on it right now. 

Don’t be so precious with your ideas. Barely anyone is listening or prepared to put in the work. And those that are hungry for action will have more experience and finances than you.

So why even try?

Because it’s all about execution. Ask ten people to draw an apple and they’ll all show you something different.

Just go for it.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach