Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

The Fix To Existential Dread

What’s the use? Who cares? What difference will it make? 

Existential dread. Thanks to the pressures and pains of living, it eventually creeps up on every one of us. 

For many, existential thoughts come into our lives when we go through a harrowing experience. Like heartbreak, a car crash, or the loss of a loved one. For the unlucky few, it’s a companion that rarely leaves their side. And it’s also a common guest for those who ponder life’s largest questions.

Existential dread pops in on everyone.

So what should you do when it’s your turn to host this unwelcome guest?

Find out what matters most to you in the world. And dedicate your life towards it, if only for a while.

Because when you reach a point where you feel so low that you want to give it all up, your own ambitions and desires probably won’t feel important enough. You may not even care about your own basic needs.

Showers, work, food. Who needs it?

But odds are that you do care about something that’s completely outside of you. Something that needs your help. Something that needs you to be strong.

It might be a person you care about, someone who’s in more need than you, or something wondrous and magical that can’t fend for itself. 

When you find something to care about and fight for, strength will find you. And you will feel better.

Even if your love and courage will eventually be forgotten doesn’t make your actions any less meaningful. 

So find out who you can serve. 

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach