Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Drinking From A Firehose

“I’m so busy working, I can’t get any work done.”

Every day gives us the same 24 hours. 

Yet somehow people are more busy than others.

What’s going on?

For one, pride.

We still celebrate the workaholic. 

When someone asks how we’re doing, we reply “Crazy busy!” like it’s a badge of honor.

And we applaud them for their heroic sacrifice stupidity.

Rarely does the full time postman who moonlights as a doorman tell us how busy he is. He isn’t busy. He’s dead on his feet.

The people who weep “So busy!” suffer from self-imposed busyness. Work they’ve taken on voluntarily. Obligations their ambition drove them to tackle and now can’t give up.

Which brings us to the second reason of artificial busyness.

A lack of prioritisation.

Just because you fill your day, doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. The world is still waiting on your gift.

Whether that’s work that matters, cooking for your friends, or looking your kid in the eye.

For most of us, never pausing to catch your breath is an excuse. And also a waste.

We need you to do the thing that nobody else does like you. 

And if your obligations get in the way of your schtick, you may want to consider changing your priorities. 

Because the world doesn’t care about busy work, only impactful work.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach