Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Enjoying A Day Off As A Workaholic

If you’re obsessed with creating a brighter future, you spend most of your time chasing money and economic stability. Fixate on stacking cash long enough and you’ll forget how to relax and have fun.

Bloop, blorp, bleep. You’re now a money-making machine. Great for your government’s treasury department, not so much for your health and happiness.

The trouble, however, isn’t realising that working too much is bad for you. That’s a no-brainer. The trouble is learning how to have fun when every fiber in your body is telling you that you’re wasting your time if you’re not doing something that benefits you financially.

How do you enjoy free time when you’re drowning in worry that you’re not doing enough?

By making fun a priority in your life, just like you probably did when you were a child. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Practice. Commit to doing one hour of self-care per day. If you’re not used to doing things for yourself, you’ll feel guilty and scared. That’s alright. If you don’t fight it, the heebiejeebies will slowly go away.
  • Focus on real fun. Passive consumption like Netflix can be relaxing and enjoyable, but it won’t ever make you feel happy to be alive. Yet these are precisely the types of experiences that’ll convince you that mega-bucks aren’t what ultimately matter. Having mindless fun with friends and other people is what matters.
  • Plan it. Always have something non-work-related on your calendar that you can look forward to.
  • Know yourself. Take note of all the things that energise and excite you. Seek out more of it.
  • Drown out the noise. Pursue new hobbies that push you to the edge of your abilities and demand all your focus. By being completely absorbed by what you’re doing, you can’t hear your conscience screaming at you.
By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach