Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Everyone Has Books, Few Have Smarts

While books are bewitching, you can’t one day tear through Warren Buffet’s most recommended books and expect to wake up as the world’s most successful investor. 

Although the knowledge that brought Warren Buffet to the top probably fits inside 100 books (probably far less), reading those 100 books won’t do you much good. 

Not unless you also take lots and lots of action.

Rising to the top of most fields usually requires relatively little knowledge. 

Can you read sheet music and find the notes on a piano? You know enough to become a world-class pianist. Do you know what moves you to buy something from an online stranger? You’re a marketer. Have you ever seen a foot? You’re ready to do podiatry.

So why isn’t everyone a genius pianist or marketer? Because to be half-way decent at any of these jobs, you need more than knowledge, you need experience.

And you can’t find that in a book. You can only get experience by going outside and doing the thing.

The trouble is, although I see it as a blessing, hardly anyone wants to put in the time. Instead, people want shortcuts, tips, and insider secrets.

Which is nothing more than a gimmick distracting you from the real secret:

Hard work.

You don’t need books. What you need is a push in the right direction and the perseverance to put in thousands of hours and the grit to plow through roadblocks.

If you have that, you’re set. You’re miles beyond the competition.

Now, it’s no longer a question of if, but of when. You will become great. And you will rise to the top of your field.

Forget books, choose discipline.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach