Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Experience Is The Teacher Of Fools

A person seeking creativity is like a dog chasing its own tail—it’s already caught.

But if you have bought into the idea that creativity is elusive or has to be worked for, you’ll find it impossible to think differently. Especially when so many others believe it too.

The self-proclaimed uncreative person can cure his delusion in several ways.

The first road to realisation is hardheaded persistence. Use an artistic technique long enough and you discover that any original work has nothing to do with you or the method. Anything truly novel came as a surprise. Although you arranged for it to happen, you aren’t responsible.

In that lies the misunderstanding: you don’t use creativity, but it uses you. And when you stop trying to clutch at it, it will come.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach