Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Fiery Saints

People who are compassionate are commendable. But people who are compassionate all the time are ugly. Such a person is not allowing himself to be human—to be dangerous.

And someone who cannot be dangerous is not to be trusted. Because they’re putting on a show. Nobody is that big-hearted.

When what you love is being threatened it is your instinct which responds first. And your instinct does not fill your muscles with blood so that you may gently turn the other cheek.

Someone who constantly overrides instinct with willpower is a horrid sight.

Yet many of such ‘good-natured’ people are recognised as saints. But there is nothing saintly or loving about it.

It is a fear and hatred of what we are—a half-animal. And by always silencing our instinct we are only expressing the hatred of ourselves.

A true saint knows when to be soft and when to be hard.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach