Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Pepto-Bismol For The Brain

Forgetting is a healthy mechanism of our mind. And it’s similar to the physical process of digestion.

When we swallow down food, it enters our digestive system. The food is then pushed through our body, making room for the new. Generally, food passes through our system unnoticed and without hindrance. But when your digestion functions poorly, food travels much slower and with greater difficulty. We call that indigestion.

Similarly, forgetting helps experiences pass through our consciousness. It gives you room for novel ideas and memories.

Can you imagine never forgetting anything? You’d go absolutely mad.

It’s rare to have a photographic memory. But it is rather common to have the echo of certain experiences linger long after they happened, like with something traumatic. When an experience keeps repeating on itself, you can be said to be suffering from mental indigestion.

Forgetting is healthy.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach