Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Finding Meaning In A Confusing World

It might be watertight, it may be held together with spit, or it may be something in between; but we all rise in the morning with some sort of plan for the day. Some of us even have plans for the entire week, month, year, and what comes after.

That makes it a lot easier to get up out of bed every day.

But what about the meaning behind it all? Why do it?

A former Native American chief of the Pueblo tribe could easily justify the existence of himself and his tribe. He believed they were the sons of the Sun and that they were tasked to help their Father rise over the horizon and to walk over Heaven. 

A task they completed not just for themselves and their father, but for the whole world.

To your modern ears, these words probably sound like they came out of the mouth of someone in the loony bin. But as Carl Jung describes in his book The Symbolic Life, these people didn’t suffer from the anxieties and neuroses that so many of us have today. The members of the Pueblo tribe moved with purpose and pride.

And that’s hardly surprising, every day they hoisted the gosh darn sun up into the sky. A very generous act. And an incredible gift.

What is the gift that you’re giving the world? That is where you’ll find your meaning.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach