Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

From Meaningless To Meaningful

The spreading virus that keeps most of us contained in our homes has already made a large impact on our lives. No one knows what’s to come, but here comes a shot in the dark.

Whenever we’re faced with our own mortality, we tend to curl up into a ball and reconsider our lives.

What was once so important, may seem insignificant after you’ve stared into the void.

Let’s take the news.

We’re obsessed with staying updated. 

That’s why we ringed the earth with satellites, entwined it with cables, and why we carry tiny devices in our pockets to inform us of the latest stories.

We now see more of the world than ever.

But much of what we see is disconnected from our lives.

While it’s touching that we give so much of our attention to others, our kindness comes at a price.

Our future.

The time we spend watching strangers is time we take away from our craft and our loved ones.

Even though a glance at the headlines is all we need to stay informed, we often spend hours in pursuit of the latest tidbit hoping that it’ll magically enrich our lives.

Except the news rarely does.

What does the latest COVID-19 case count in Camden County Missouri matter if you can’t stop it?

Hint: it doesn’t.

Being overly informed isn’t life-enhancing, it’s a hobby.

Do you know what does directly enhance your life?

Spending an hour a day learning about the field that you’re expected to be an expert on.

So if anything, the corona tragedy will pull us away from the meaningless toward the meaningful—just like the Spanish Flu and the Great War did.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach