Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Surviving The Crisis

Money can be spent more than once. That’s not the latest life-hack, but an economic principle that’s struggling under the COVID-19 quarantine.

Economists call this struggling principle the velocity of money.

Which basically keeps track of how often a single dollar gets spent per timeframe.

When times are good, people like to spend money. Dollars change hands quickly and the velocity of money is high.

When times are bad, like during a life-threatening pandemic, people hold onto their dollars—slowing down the velocity of money.

So although the sum of money in the world is the same, it’s barely traded. 

Do you work in the business of wants?

Then you’re unlikely to get calls from new clients. Worse still, you’ll probably get calls from existing clients who want to cancel your services to stock up on needs.

How do you survive times where money travels at a snail’s pace?

By living off rice and beans and working on your craft.

Sure, you could also log onto Fiverr and make logos for a dollar. But that’s a mistake.

Think about it. 

Suppose you intensively worked on your craft for the next four to eight weeks. Would you be significantly better?

Perhaps good enough to the point where people would reach out to you instead of hiring a cheapo from Fiverr?

Of course.

There’s just one hitch.

Expertise is meaningless unless you’re known as an expert.

How do you show the world you’re an expert?

By doing work pro bono. 

You won’t get paid gigs anyway, so make photos for a cause you believe in. Write copy for a blog that gets a lot of clicks. Or edit videos for your favorite organisation.

And build a stunning reputation.

Once COVID-19 blows over and money speeds up, wealth will be knocking on your door… 

If you seize the opportunity to get better.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach