Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Green Flags To Look For In Your Relationships

Avoiding red flags isn’t enough. Although red flags signal immediate danger, a lack of green flags warns you of potential disaster years from now.

Avert disaster. Know what traits lead to a meaningful and long-lasting relationship. 

These are the questions you want to ask yourself when evaluating if someone is good for you:

  • Do they act in line with how they feel or with their values? A reliable person connects their actions to their principles and tries to make things right when they fall short.
  • Do they make it easy for you to help and please them? Someone who gives you a roadmap on how to make them happy won’t try to deceive or manipulate you into getting what they want. Instead, they’ll push you out of their inner circle once they recognise you can’t deliver.
  • Are they a good teammate? A strong ally solves problems with you, wants to understand you, tries to limit drama, is open to feedback, acts in good faith, and tells you everything you need to make an informed decision. 

These are the signs of someone who will do their utmost to make you happy as long as you try your best to do the same for them.


Just as it should be.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach