Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Having A Choice Is Rarely Enough

Every day, every hour, every moment, we have the power of choice. The option to head in the best direction we have available.

If we do that consistently, we’ll become the person we’ve always hoped to be and live a life even the Gods of Olympus would envy. 

And that’s because even the wisest and most powerful of all the ancient Greek deities could not act so perfectly. 

Life is too hard.

Even for the immortals of Greek mythology.

Like us, they’d run up against unexpected problems and challenges that they weren’t ready for. They’d undergo heart-wrenching experiences. They’d suffer from rotten, unhelpful thoughts. And they had to contend with strong urges and cravings that they couldn’t wish away.

Faced with such difficulties, even a Greek God rarely made the best choice.

So it’d be weird to expect any different from your own mortal self.

Although it’s possible to beeline toward the life you want, it’s not very likely you will. Especially not if minor upsets can hijack your thinking and steer you off course.

Your ability to make the right choice is only as strong as your ability to resist all the bad ones.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach