Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Science For Hippies And Artists

Some of my spiritual and artistic friends have made the outlandish claim that science and magic are at odds with each other. With labcoats and microscopes on one end and levitating yogis at the other end.

The divide?

Spiritual connection. 

An ‘either you got it or you don’t’ sort of thing.

So it’s not that scientists aren’t interested in learning how to float or fly. It’s just that their unbalanced chakras won’t allow them to. Or something.

Without a spiritual connection, physicists, biologists, and all other kinds of researchers supposedly can’t see the magic of the world. Instead, they’re forced to take things apart like a car engine and explain the magic away.

A strangely shortsighted view.

Sure, thick and dryly written research papers make scientific findings more difficult to appreciate. And yes, a good poet can see beauty in places where most people cannot.

But so can a good scientist.

While a poet might write about a seastar that it’s a masterpiece, unique and rare, a treasure hidden within the sea’s lair.

A biologist would instead marvel at its lack of a spine, its water-propelled tube feet, its ability to regrow lost arms, and its projectile-like stomach.

The poet and biologist both appreciate the seastar. Just in different but equally beautiful ways.

Magic exists for all to see, as long as you try to look for it.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach