Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

How To Be Happier Using Science

Sometimes life is especially good. We wake up energised and leap out of bed to tackle our chores with vigor. Or so I’m told. 

Other times, we wake up ready to tear our brain out of our skull and give it a good scolding. Ruining my day again? Whose side are you even on, you wrinkly grey nonce?

It’s just how it occasionally goes. None of us are immune to woes.

But you can make it better.

Pen down what you’re thankful for, describe what your life would look like if everything went right, and write to someone who has touched your heart.

All these methods have been scientifically proven to increase your happiness.

They may not get you out of your funk right away, but they’ll take the edge off. 

Take it easy.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach