Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Hustle Culture Is A Hoax

Work is more than just a paycheck. It’s where we connect, lead and self-actualize. For many, work is our identity, but it’s slowly morphing into something far bigger.

Work is becoming everyone’s religion.

What started out as something we did to pay the bills has become something we do to give our lives meaning.

Work’s no longer something done just by the middle and lower classes, even the rich are joining in on the fun. A 20th century first.

And it’s no longer called working overtime, it’s called hustle. If you can believe social media, many people would rather hustle 24/7 than work 9 to 5.

When everyone is preaching the gospel of work, it’s easy to believe its joys and benefits are true.

The issue is that neither are necessarily true.

Many jobs aren’t particularly fun or beneficial for your bank account. The only reason we embrace hustle culture is because the successful make such a compelling argument: 

“I hustled to get rich which means so can you.”

But just because one person made it through the 24/7 meatgrinder doesn’t mean it’s an effective strategy. Worse still, if working yourself to the bone doesn’t produce the rewards you think it should, you’ll burn out.

The biggest joke of all?

It’s commonly known that overwork doesn’t lead to higher productivity. The people hyping hustle mania the hardest are managers, investors and CEOs who don’t want people wondering why they’re so stinking rich.

After all, if everyone thinks they can hustle their way to fortune, the elites become targets of worship instead of targets of envy.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach