Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Jerry Seinfeld’s Pen

Traditionally, comedy writing is shrouded in mystery. But comedy icon Jerry Seinfeld finally let out the big secret.

Yellow pads and the BIC, clear barrel blue pen.

That’s what Jerry Seinfeld uses to write all his jokes.

Obviously, there’s no connection between Jerry’s work and the material he uses to write it with.

Yet people often go up to experts and ask, “How do you do it?”

And that’s a bad question.

Buster Keaton could take a beating. But only because he religiously practiced the art of falling.

Arnold Schwrzenegger liked to confuse his muscles. But what got him seven Mr. Olympia titles was hard work.

Jack Kirby had a favorite pencil. But he earned the title ‘King of Comics’ because he drew 12 – 14 hours a day.

The crowd is always looking for shortcuts and how to do it in a hurry.

And if it doesn’t work right away, they move onto the next thing.

Outside of traveling, there aren’t many shortcuts. Mainly direct paths.

And even though the path is often clearly laid out in front of us, we don’t like to walk it.

Probably because we don’t like what we see: a long, grueling road without an end.

So instead of putting in the effort, we look for the easy way out.

As it happens, there’s a fast and effortless secret right here.

It’s also 100% effective and foolproof:

Stop hunting shortcuts, tricks and hacks.

Because if tricks worked as promised, wouldn’t it become the method?

Looking for tricks is stalling.

If you truly want to produce, start a habit.

Show up when it’s time. Raise your hand when asked. And do the work.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach