Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Mind Your Business

Having options is one of the key markers of luxury. Being able to travel anywhere, date anyone, and buy everything? Sign me up! But too much choice is also a bad thing.

In a world that offers you tens of thousands of different new Instagram stories, YouTube videos, and big budget series, what do you watch when it’s time to chow down your lunch? 

The scale of possibilities can easily slow us down to a halt. And when it doesn’t, we don’t really care about what we picked because there are a bajilion other options that we reckon are equally good if not better.

Either we’re deliberate and caring, or we shoot from the hip and don’t give a crap about what we hit.

That’s why I’m big on minding my business.

The better I know what does and doesn’t concern me, the more I care about the few things that I sink my precious time into. 

And this doesn’t just apply to what I watch during my afternoon break. It also applies to my interests, hobbies, and relationships. When I’m intimately familiar with what does and doesn’t excite me, it’s far easier to be curious about the things I say Yes to.

Everything else becomes a goofy distraction.

So don’t leave your options open. Know what you’re about and ignore the rest. It’ll make your choices far more meaningful.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach