Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Healing From Heartbreak

To get over someone fast, it’s best to remove them from your life. Reminders and all. But how does that exactly work if there’s so much that you associate with them?

So many things can trigger painful memories. A song, a restaurant where you celebrated one or many milestones, or a park that’s littered with memories of your previous relationship.

In these cases, you can avoid the reminders pretty easily.

But what if you’ve connected something to your ex that reaches far deeper into your everyday life? 

Like a music genre, a cuisine, a neighbourhood, or even a country. Are you going to banish R&B, sushi and Italy from your life because they remind you of your ex?

I certainly hope not.

If your mind has linked your ex with things that are important to you, you can’t just abandon your joys and comforts. That’ll make life even harder. You want to fight to make your yums yummy again.

And a good place to start is to understand that your ex isn’t all that important. Sure, to you it may feel like they’re the center of the universe, but just about everyone else on earth is living their life without even knowing your ex exists.

And if they did know about their existence, they probably wouldn’t give them a second thought. 

If you’re done grieving, neither should you. 

Now go out there and replace the memories from your ex with fresh, positive ones so you can enjoy all the things that matter to you.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach