Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Modern Day Pimping

There’s only one game: pimp or prostitute.

If you’re not the boss, you’re the ho. And somebody is whipping you to make their paper.

It’s a tough pitch. But I’m going to try and sell you on the resemblance.

Women who are set on selling their bodies—a pretty woman with little education has few other options—look for someone who can make her dreams of making it big come true.

The pimp.

A flashy suit, alligator shoes, and diamond rings on his fingers give the impression that this man can deliver.

So she joins his stable. And he gives her everything she needs to look good. A coat, a string bikini and some pumps. Then he puts her to work on the street corner.

The musician who wants to sell music is no different.

He walks into the most successful record label and says, “Please pimp me. Make me your ho. I can make hits.”

And if the record label believes he can make money, the firm gives him a makeover, writes him a cheque, and calls in the limousine driver to take him to the studio: “We’re going to make you a star.”

The signed artist feels loved.

But it isn’t love. The label loves the riches he earns. And a pimp never treats a ho better than the dough she’s pulling.

The musician’s records stop selling? They kick him out onto the curb.

The lesson?

Know you’re a ho. Be a good ho. Save enough dough to pimp yourself.

It’s pimp or be pimped.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach