Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

The Professional Pirate

Johnny Depp is on Letterman to advertise one of his movies.

After some witty banter, the host gets to business and asks the actor if he’s seen his film.

“No, I’ve not,” replies mister Depp. “Once my job is done on the film it’s none of my business. […] I prefer the experience.”

He’s not even a little curious about catching a glimpse of himself on the big screen.

Which at first sounds baffling. Johny’s movies sell tens of thousands of tickets and generate hundreds of millions of dollars. How could he not want to see what all the hype is about?

But if you give it a once-over, having no interest in his own work actually makes perfect sense.

He’s a professional.

And like any professional, he’s in love with the craft. Only an amateur is smitten with his handiwork.

Rather than being concerned with the fruits of his labour, the pro pours his heart into his discipline.

Finished? He sticks a price on it and starts a new project.

Sometimes working on over four pictures a year, the Pirates of the Caribbean star couldn’t be more professional.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach