Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

You Have A Friend In Inertia

Writing is actually not that hard.

Sure, the path to mastery is long.

But if you take a step every day, you’ll eventually reach your destination.

Everyone can sit down and write. The hard part is fighting inertia.

For those unfamiliar, inertia is the first law of physics which says:

“An object at rest will continue to be in the same state unless acted upon by an external force.”

You’re both the object and the force.

Plunging into your prose would be simple if there were no other forces pulling at you.

Video games, youtube, social media, online shopping, porn. The list goes on.

These distractions are always trying to drag you off course and keep you from reaching your goals.

But inertia isn’t necessarily your enemy. It can also be your friend.

The physicists among you have already noticed my explanation of inertia is missing a key element.

It’s true an object at rest stays at rest, unless struck like a cueball. But it’s equally true that an object in motion stays in motion, unless stopped.

Don’t take my word for it. Just blow up a balloon.

To puff up a droopy balloon even a bit, you have to first blow so hard it feels like your ears are going to pop. But once a little bit of air squeezes its way inside, every next huff becomes a little easier.

The law of inertia at work.

Writing is no different.

Just show up and give it all you’ve got. Productivity plummets? Stop and do it again tomorrow.

Writing becomes easier every day.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach