Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Starting A Buzz

As I was going down the motorway, I saw the usual: large green fields sprinkled with cows, some windmills, and poking out from behind some reeds, a colossal Boeing 747.

Fighting against the urge to rubberneck and accidentally slam into the guard rail, I kept my eyes on the road.

While the plane left my sight, it didn’t leave my mind.

I later figured out that the Boeing was a marketing stunt. A ploy to raise awareness for a hotel chain.

The people who greenlit the airbus project clearly thought the stunt would create a buzz and bring in the big bucks.

After all, buying a jumbo jet and dragging its 300 ton body through a bunch of soggy grasslands is expensive.

But the marketing team forgot exposure doesn’t equal sales.

Everyone knows Apple sells iPhones. But that doesn’t mean you own one, or have plans to.

Everyone knows solar panels are good for the environment. But knowing they exist doesn’t mean you have them on your roof.

Exposure is important. But sales is what you want.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach