Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Normal Is Not Always Good

Normal is a funny word. Because what we see as normal is the way things were when we first saw them.

That means if things get worse across generations, we instinctively readjust our normal downward.

We literally don’t know any better.

First-time snorkelers think the waters of the Galapagos Island look pristine. Fans who grew up with Jar Jar Binks think the Star Wars franchise is a hoot. Young Londoners think smog smells fresh. And those special people who pay $3,50 for a hot steaming glass of tap water with some leaves and twigs sticking out of it think they should say thanks.

Just because it’s all you know doesn’t mean it’s good.

Please, let’s work together here and work to restore the beautiful things of the past. I’m really tired of people making fun of me and my awesome Tamagotchi.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach