Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

People Are As Dumb As You Think

As fun and fascinating it is, reading up on psychology can often make you feel like people are idiots. And if you ever watch any cringe or car crash compilation videos, it’s astounding that we can even put on matching socks.

Go far enough down that rabbit hole and soon you’ll feel that almost no one has any common sense. And that you’re a genius.

A weirdly sound conclusion.

But only because you’re trying to confirm that people are dumb. If you’d look for signs that people were smart, you’d find those too.

People all around you are constantly demonstrating their intelligence. 

Just think of the children they raise, the DIY projects they finish, the skills they learn, the clothes they wear, the love they give to friends, the generosity they give to strangers, the way they manage their time, the art they create, the finances they manage, the conflicts they resolve, the things they teach, and the way they take care of themselves every single fucking day.

Yes, not everyone is out here playing chess. But we’re not exactly chewing on batteries and using hot sauce for lens fluid either.

So if you don’t want to feel like you’re a rocket scientist in a sea of stupid, you want to look for people’s gifts rather than their stupidity.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach