Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Reject To-Do Lists

Every day, we wake up with boatloads of stuff to do. Because it’s too much to tackle in a day, we break off a chunk of tasks that we can manage and put it down on our to-do list. 

The trouble is that we tend to bite off more than we can chew. Our lists are a mile long. So by the time we’re done with work, we haven’t crossed off every item. 

Now you have to move your work scraps from today to tomorrow. And that feels shitty. Especially if that same task survives for another day.

So thanks to our poor judgement, to-do lists tend to demoralise us instead of help us get things done.

And when our morale is sapped, we perform worse and the list of to-dos grows even longer, while our spirit dives even lower.

How do you escape this vicious cycle?

By rejecting the to-do list and embracing the have-done list.

Did you crunch the numbers for your tax return? Write that down. Did you knock out some emails? Write that down. Did you type up a bunch of articles? Write. That. Down.

Now you’re creating a list that tallies up all your progress. And that’s fun!

In fact, recording your wins is more fun than crossing off your goals, because every goal is usually made of several small wins. So now you can toot your horn even more.

Pretty exciting.

So drop the to-do list and adopt the have-done list. It’ll give you a greater sense of accomplishment and keep you motivated.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach