Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Speed Reading Is Horseshit

Since influencers have been showing off how many non-fiction books they devour, speed reading has become incredibly popular. Now everyone wants to read quickly.

But that’s a mistake.

Sure, finishing a book per day gives you bragging rights, but reading quickly also gives you a false idea of comprehension.

Do you really know the contents of a book after reading it once? Probably not. Not unless you’re particularly gifted. 

Racing through a book makes comprehension even more difficult. Your mind can’t keep up with the constant stream of information.

Go fast enough and you’re not even reading, you’re skimming. Which is what you do to look for something specific, not when you want to learn.

And isn’t that why you read in the first place? To learn?

If so, you want to think of reading as a conversation with the author. It’s a two-way street.

The author presents an idea with its supporting arguments and you take a moment to think whether it all makes sense.

Every new idea is another knowledge check.

Yes, that means reading takes effort, but so does everything else worth having.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that speed reading is anything else besides quickly turning pages.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach