Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Stop Thinking It’s Too Late

Look, I get it. If you would have started kipping up out of bed at two in the morning since age seven to invest in stocks, you’d be an elite-level crossfitter with a portfolio only second to Warren Buffet.

Or so you may think.

Believing you should have started when you were still sniffing glue and chewing crayons isn’t only discouraging, it’s also not as successful a strategy as you think.

A young kid is going to make horrible investments and be a crummy athlete without proper guidance. They don’t have the patience or the wisdom to focus on the long-term and delay instant gratification. At least, not by themselves.

Most adults don’t even have that ability.

That’s why I believe it’s never too late to start. Your decades of experience and self-knowledge give you a huge advantage over who you were in your younger years. 

You might have to give up your dreams to become the greatest there is. But it’s relatively easy to become or do better than most.

Pretty cool.

So just get started. You’ll find out soon enough if you’ve got what it takes.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach