Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Systems Trump Talent

He smoked two to three packs of cigarettes a day. Gulped down twelve to twenty cans of diet coke. And would regularly eat two Big Macs followed by three cheese burgers in one sitting and wash it all down with a chocolate shake.

Hardly the diet of a champion.

Yet the person who lived that artery clogging lifestyle won two major golf championships.

The man I’m talking about is American born John Daly

Although he hated exercise, water (he refused to drink it) and despised anything remotely healthy, he had an incredible career as a professional golfer.

Which is extraordinary.

Because at the time, he was competing against athletes who spent hours in the gym, ate chicken salads all day, and painstakingly analyzed slowed down footage of their golf game.

How did John’s grip it and rip it attitude beat the professionally obsessed?


John was a prodigy and won his first adult golf tournament at age thirteen.

But despite his gift for the sport, John regularly got outclassed by those who took golf seriously and systemized every particle of their game.

While John played at a championship level on his good days, he was reduced to an amateur on his bad days. 

Due to a lack of a serious training and diet regime, John was terribly inconsistent.

To get far, it’s better to rely on systems than talent.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach