Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

The Answer To Monotony And Frustration

You can’t always do the things you love. Even billionaires have to deal with traffic jams, loud eaters, and people who start sentences with “no offence”. 

But there is a way to enjoy these things more.

Whenever you’re commuting somewhere, you can phone a friend. If someone is chewing audibly, you can pop on your headphones and turn on a podcast. And if someone is trying to get away with saying some offensive shit, you just take your fist and launch it into their throat.

Simple stuff.

But seriously, bundling less pleasant activities with more pleasant ones genuinely increases our enjoyment. At least, according to an increasing amount of scientific studies.

Many of us already do this intuitively, so ‘bundling’ might not feel very insightful.

But a large number of us also spend years of our lives wishing for the bad or annoying parts to pass. 

And that’s an incredibly harmful habit

Life’s too short to wish for the crappy things to pass. There are just too many of them.

So it’s paramount for your own happiness that you develop the habit of making the bad stuff more enjoyable.

Whenever you catch yourself fussing and grumbling, think to yourself: “How can I make this a little more fun?”

Even boring stuff can become worthwhile if you’re creative enough.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach