Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

The Artist’s Tribute

Look closely at your hands. Watch the grooves inside your palm, the swirling patterns on your fingertips.

If you can see the sky, look at it too. Observe the asymmetrical and hazy shapes the clouds make.

No shape looks alike, but you don’t consider that a mistake. The puffy patterns are chaotic, yet orderly—the arrangement is perfect.

It’s hard for us to define that sort of composition. Its designs are too unruly for us to comprehend.

We know it’s not a mess, but we can’t point at its allure either.

We feel its deep meaning, but when we try to speak it, the words escape us.

Nature’s patterns are indefinable.

The artist knows this better than anyone. He stays observant and spends his life celebrating life’s beauty.

Once we forget, it’s the celebrations of the poet that remind us how beautiful the mundane is.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach