Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Relaxation is Earned

What do we expect to find in a museum of natural history? Nothing that’s manmade.

Western thought is founded on the assumption that nature lies outside us. This alienating view makes us feel comfortable subduing our environment and instincts.

The East has a different point of departure.

Their idea of nature is all-encompassing, humans are as much a part of the world as the birds and the trees. There is also little need to control it because it governs itself. Seasons come and go without needing our help.

This inclusive way of thinking fosters an attitude of trust. While the natural world can hurt us with its disasters and diseases, it also provides us with shelter and food.  It’s both friend and foe.

Oriental thought recognised this.

So for them, trust doesn’t mean to be like a babe in the woods. A trusting individual is more wise. They take a relaxed stance because they know how to respond to a threat. Someone who only regards the world as a problem, however, always keeps their guard up and tires themself out.

Pay attention to those who can unwind, for they might have insights you don’t.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach