Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

The Challenge Of Unification

To understand that you are the body is simple. But to explain it adequately is complex.

For we have no concept of something that is both mental and physical.

We have become accustomed to see mind and body as opposites.

And to bring them together as one is quite a challenge.

But we can feel that something is wrong in seeing the body and mind as divided.

This feeling shows itself in a contradictory behaviour that transcends cultures and times: the compulsion to both protect and forget ourselves.

On the one hand we feel compelled to protect ourselves and go on living. But when we feel compelled to continue living, the thing becomes a chore.

Once life turns into a chore, we cease to enjoy it. And we figure out ways to forget ourselves and our chores.

The lowest forms of forgetting are to drown out our misery with high doses of pleasure or to numb ourselves with drugs and drink. The highest forms are to lose ourselves in servitude to society, nature or God.

Our urge to both protect ourselves—that is to say, the ego—and merge with the body hints at an underlying connection.

A connection science seems to increasingly support.

Because the more scientists try to find the borders of our minds, the more they figure out how inseparable it is from the body.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach