Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

The Glory Of The Frontier

Early in the day, the Rubik’s Cube was a conversation piece.

People would boast about being able to solve a Rubik’s Cube during dinner parties.

But that was over 30 years ago. When there were no websites, no books and no people to show you how to solve it.

After the answer got out, matching all the colours ceased to impress.

Robbed from its secret, the toy lost its allure and fell out of fashion.

But then the Cube evolved into a game of dexterity and reclaimed its former glory.

Rather than dazzling buddies with your wit, you’d blow away your friends with speed.

And if the oohing and ahhing of your mates wasn’t enough, you could join Cubing competitions and perform in front of a real audience.

Events where people sit in crowded rooms sweating to unscramble the Cube in the fewest seconds.

But speed-solving the standard 3×3 toy grows stale.

Which is why bigger versions, up to the jumbo 7×7 Cube, were developed.

Do you find the jumbo too dull? Solve it with your feet.

Not enough of a challenge? Unjumble a 3×3  with each hand ánd another with your feet.

We do whatever it takes to be first, because celebrating second place doesn’t feel right.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach