Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Picturesque Plots

“People are stockpiling fossil fuel to take advantage of low diesel prices,” reads better than, “low diesel prices are boosting the appeal of fossil fuel.”

While both describe the same idea, one sentence draws a picture and the other draws a blank.

The contrast comes from a quirk in our brains.

For it seems our mind has an appetite for stories. Tales of someone a lot like us, who has problems, feelings and needs.

A sentence without an actor is too empty to imagine and slows down our understanding.

But painting too precise a picture weighs us down all the same.

The following excerpt from Stephen Fry’s Mythos illustrates that beautifully:

“Day and Light slipped down westward into the Sea. At the same time, [Night] slipped off her dark veil and she and [Darkness] threw it over the world like a shimmering black tablecloth.”

Another way of writing that? The sun set.

An easily digestible idea is relatable and light.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach