Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Visual Philosophy

People draw. Our earliest ancestors decorated cave walls with charcoal.

And the desire to make marks still lives.

Give a child a crayon and it starts to draw. Hold a pen during a phone call or meeting and you automatically start scribbling.

It’s satisfying to make something. It’s delighting to feel how your hand, eye and mind work together.

Sadly most adults give up drawing as hobby. And for the wrong reasons.

“This looks nothing like what I intended.”

But drawing isn’t necessarily about likeness. Or else every draughtsman would be a photographer.

Drawing is about your interpretation of the world.

And creating a window into that world has little to do with your linework—the viewpoint, what you leave in or out, and where you place your marks on the page are much more significant.

Forget similarity and focus on personality.

If you can glide a pen or brush over a sheet of paper, you can draw.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach