Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

There Are No New Ideas

There’s no such thing as an idea that stands on its own.

Thomas Edison didn’t invent the lightbulb. Not even the glass bulb or the shining filament in its centre was of his making. Edison simply improved existing designs made by others.

And so it goes for practically every invention or discovery.

Take airplanes. People have fantasised about flight for thousands of years. But none could even attempt to soar like Icarus until the Wright Brothers came along.

The idea, however, was probably around since the first hungry caveman saw his feathery meal shoot off into the sky.

Even highly sophisticated ideas aren’t new.

Einstein’s theories on relativity leaned heavily on the work of his predecessors. And these predecessors borrowed from the academics that came before them. And those predecessors leaned on those that came before them.

Everything is a derivative.

And that’s a relief!

Because now you know that you will never come up with anything so novel and different that it’s never been thought of before. 

You’re not the first and you never will be. Your ideas have already been thought.


Now you can stop obsessing about being original and pour all your effort into making things that matter. That’s all that counts anyway.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach