Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

There Is No Such Thing As A Half-belief

We all know that our lives will eventually come to an end. And although that idea can motivate us to spend our time wisely, it can also scare us into doing nothing. Why even bother, right?

That’s why we love stories that promise us a bright future. We want to live happily ever after. And what better story to uplift our mood than that of an all-powerful daddy who lives up in the sky?

No wonder Nietze threw a hissy fit about atheism. If you can’t replace God with an equally uplifting fantasy, you’re probably going to be living in a constant state of anxiety. After all, life’s a scary place.

So stories that promise happy answers to life’s greatest questions are hugely beneficial. But only if you see them as fact.

Once you feel that a story might be nothing more than a fairytale, the benefits disappear.

You either believe or you don’t.

That’s why it can pay off to be a little gullible. It makes life’s hardships far more palatable.


By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach