Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

The Rhythm of Life

We fall in love with life only to be tormented by thoughts of losing it. But life’s sprint toward death is also what makes it so lovable.

Movement is vitality. And vitality is beauty.

We only recognise life as beautiful through contrast with its opposite—death.

Anything dead is motionless and rigid. Which we naturally see as ugly.

hat we don’t easily see is that death supports life. Because death does not instantly create life, we do not see the relationship.

But death always leads to life.

In that way death is like the necessary break in a rhythm. For musical rhythm to exist, there must be a succession of sound and silence. And because the intervals between rhythmic beats are so short-lived, we can clearly feel their unity.

The intervals between life and death, however, are relatively long. This gives us the impression that the two are enemies. But life and death are no different than the boom-bap of a song, they’re secretly working together.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach