Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Unsure If They’re Right For You?

When looking for a partner, many of us are actually looking to date ourselves. If we’re driven, ambitious and goal-oriented, it’s easy to desire someone who’s the same.

Of course, not everyone is that in love with their mirror image. Some of us look for certain traits and characteristics in potential partners that we simply admire.

Like a good sense of humour, a dedication to life-long learning, or a desire for adventure.

But is it wise to be so fixed on what you’re looking for?

Is it essential for the longevity of your relationship that your mate can crack jokes, soak up new ideas, or plan fun weekend and holiday trips?

Not really. You could probably do without, right?

After all, you can rely on yourself or others to laugh out loud, get educated, and gain new experiences.

What is vital for a loving and lasting bond, however, is that your partner is someone who completely accepts you for who you are and is a good teammate.

Take that away and your relationship is bound to crash and burn.

Are you unsure if they’re right for you?

Look first if they’ve got what it takes to be a dependable companion. They should make you feel seen, supported, and safe—the rest is secondary.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach