Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Why Nice People Finish First

You often hear that “Nice people finish last.” Implying that the kind and considerate get toyed with and left behind in the realm of dating and relationships.

And I completely understand where that belief comes from. Being overly nice or accommodating can definitely be a weakness.

But before we chuck this warm quality in the trash, let’s define ‘nice’.

A nice person is trusting, but not a sucker.
A nice person shows respect, but expects it in return.
A nice person listens, but doesn’t always nod and agree.
A nice person has your interests at heart, but also their own.
A nice person lifts you up, but doesn’t let you put them down.
A nice person has patience, but won’t let you waste their time.

Just because you’re a nice person, doesn’t mean you put up with bullshit. 

Nice people can be strong and finish first too. In fact, I’d wager they win more races than the tough and selfish.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach