Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Using Your Time To The Fullest

Everyone strives to use their time wisely. And admittedly, some are better at it than others. Can someone please go back in time and shoot the guy who invented the snooze button? It’d be appreciated.

Anyway, spending your time wisely is quite difficult.

Even if your greatest passion in life is skipping rocks, that doesn’t mean that spending 100% more of your time chucking rocks at a lake will make you 100% happier.

Now your hobby will likely turn into a chore, you’ll grow sad since pebbles don’t make good friends, and you’ll get rejected by your partner because she’s more into buff log throwers.

To make the most of life, it’s not enough to know what you like to do. You must know how much is good for you.

You need to hit the sweet spot.

If you normally sit on your ass all day, walking up and down a few flights of stairs every day will give you tremendous health benefits.

If everything you eat comes with microwave instructions, chomping down the occasional salad or brussel sprout will trim your waistline.

And if you think friendship and marriage work themselves out naturally, reading a book on emotional intelligence will boost the quality of your relationships tenfold. 

Good time management isn’t about working hard on a few things. It’s about working a little on the right things.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach