Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Walking The Tightrope

When we were four we glued bits of macaroni together and called it a Christmas decoration.

When we were six we set up stands and sold lemonade in the summer heat.

When we were eight we didn’t hesitate to ask a group of kids if we could join their basketball game.

But like a piece of cured meat, our teachers boiled the initiative out of us.

“Follow instructions or you’ll fail the class.”

And even though school’s been out for years, we’re still looking for someone to tell us what to do.

If our work project doesn’t come with directions, we’re afraid to put our stamp on it.

Because what if it goes wrong? The trained voice in our head tells us we might get fired and end up washing car windows on a busy intersection.

So we prefer to hide behind manuals, committees or our boss’ instructions.

There’s no vulnerability.

But there’s also no glory.

We don’t want to be friends with someone who recoils from responsibility.

We want to connect with people who have the guts to walk the tightrope of success.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach