Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Why There’s So Much Bullshit

There’s a great deal of bullshit out in the world today. And it’s getting increasingly worse as more people get to impart their insights on the internet.

Such as on TikTok, YouTube, or through blog posts on websites named after the self-applauding author.

But the ever-growing mound of bullshit is not the internet’s fault.

If the world wide web could have somehow been around 200 years ago, the amount of bullshit would have probably been relatively small compared to now.

And that’s because people were still ruled by an elite upper class. A privileged group that made the decisions for everyone.

They’d never let you post an Instagram video about your views on how to decorate your living room. Instead, they’d shoot your face off with a musket.

But then came democracy. Now nations were ruled by the people, for the people.

And that came with a new set of values.

One of the most important ones being: every responsible citizen needs to have a well-developed opinion on everything. How else are you going to rule a country?

So opinions, no matter where they came from, slowly started to become tolerated and respected.

And that’s a wonderful development.

Until you remember that it’s incredibly difficult to be an expert on more than a handful of subjects, and to be well-read on more than a dozen or so subjects.

This means that the majority of your opinions are likely based on bullshit.

Naturally, few of us feel that way.

Almost all of us have an opinion about a news story only three seconds after it happened.

We pick a side that fits our worldview and then seek evidence that proves our point.

Finally, we launch our parroted wisdom into cyberspace. Or we casually bring it up in conversation so we can look smart.

Thus the mountain of bullshit keeps on growing.

I sadly don’t have a solution to the rising heap of bullshit, or a poignant one-liner to neatly wrap up today’s writing.

So here’s a meme instead.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach