Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Why You Won’t Get Your Dream Job

If you work as a cook and your boss tells you to cut the cucumbers in neat evenly spaced slices, you probably won’t make a fuss.

If you wait tables and a patron bumps into you and knocks down your tray of beverages, you’ll likely rush into the back to grab a mop.

And if you’re a stock clerk, you’ll likely help an old man carry his groceries to his car if you see him struggling.

But once we see a problem that costs a little too much effort and isn’t part of our job description, we wait for someone else to put out the fire.

The worst of it all?

The jobs we fantasize about most are those with lots of responsibility and little instruction. 

To be an entrepreneur, rockstar, video game developer, or YouTuber, you need to be generous, creative and quick on your feet.

So why do we put up a fight when we’re given these opportunities with the jobs we already have?

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach