Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

You Don’t Need To Feel Ready

A lot of money and effort goes into hiding this, but it’s true, every organisation is filled with incompetent people. Even at the highest levels. Right, Elon?

In 1999, NASA lost a $327 million space probe because of a conversion error from metric to imperial units. In 2014, France’s national railway operator spent $20 billion on a new fleet of trains that were too wide for 1,300 platforms across the country. And in December 2019, the UK overestimated its value as a solo artist and is now living off baked beans and marmite.

These events shocked many of us.

After all, we reckon, how could such competent people be so mothertrucking incompetent?

The answer is simple: people are dumb. Yes, even the smart ones. 

Doctors sometimes microwave metal bowls. Some professors think limes are just unripe lemons. And there are astrophysicists who can’t remove a light fixture to change a lightbulb.

Welcome to the human race. 

And, honestly, it’s not so bad being one fry short of a Happy Meal. 

Mainly because we don’t need to rely on ourselves for everything. We can rely on each other.

For example. Before an airliner can take off the runway, a battalion of people has to coordinate and work through dozens of different checklists. 

And once the plane is airborne, most of the flying is done by the autopilot. Not the human with the silly embroidered hat.

Even Einstein, Newton, and those other walking science books relied on the works made by those before them. They didn’t so much invent as much as they completed the work of their predecessors.

So here’s the thing.

If a genius doesn’t feel competent enough to get things right by themselves, why should you?

This question isn’t meant to put you down, it’s meant to give you relief. 

To feel out of your depth is completely normal. Well, maybe not if you’re creating pacemakers. But if your work and interests lie in the hazy and undefined, it’s okay to feel unprepared.

It can’t be any other way.

So if you’re waiting to feel ready before you make your big move into uncharted territory, you may as well go for it now.

Make time for the hobby you love, sign up for that gym class, send that job application, and surrender yourself to the person that makes your heart soar.

Feeling ready is usually a luxury, not a necessity.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach