Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Easiest Way To Live A Better Life

Dreams, hopes and ambitions are important. But they’re also misunderstood.

You don’t need your aspirations to come true to have a happy life. If that were true, the less fortunate of this world would all be flying for Bin Laden Airlines, while the fortunate would be at home enjoying the aroma of their own farts. 

Goals are just things your brain invents to get you out of the house. 


Because that’s where the fun is!

So the quality of your life isn’t determined by how many of your dreams come true, it’s determined by how many moments you enjoyed yourself. 

A better life starts by training yourself to make every moment a little more fun. And since you’re a busy person, I give you permission to settle for every other moment.

You’re welcome.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach