Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

5 Signs That You’re A Good Friend

My last blog post had some of my friends wondering if Walter Sobchak had hijacked my website. So out of appreciation for my friends’ concern, I’m dedicating today’s digital rambles to friendship. 

While also soaking in the warm blood of my enemies to cultivate a tender sense of inner peace.

So what are the five signs that you’re a good friend? Or that you’ve found someone worth keeping close?

  • You’re interdependent. You easily share your needs and ask for help so people know how to make you happy.
  • You’re compassionate. You can listen to another person’s struggles without making it about yourself and you focus on safety and understanding during difficult and vulnerable conversations.
  • You’re self-respecting. You speak up when someone crosses your boundaries rather than bottling up your frustration until it turns into resentment.
  • You’re cooperative. You straighten out issues with your loved ones together rather than waiting for them to fix their wrong by themselves.
  • You’re generous. You praise others when they do something that you appreciate, whether it was directed at you or not.

Any caring relationship between two individuals is obviously multifaceted and hinges on meeting each other’s highly specific, individual needs.

So there is no one-size-fits-all friend.

But someone with the above traits is without a doubt invaluable to have in your corner during good and bad times.

So be sure to be such a friend to your loved ones. They’ll be forever grateful for your companionship.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach