Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Beat The Empty Page

Writer’s block is a poor choice of words. Nobody really has a writing problem. Everyone can sit down behind a keyboard or typewriter and hammer away at the keys.

What people with writer’s block actually suffer from is a scarcity problem. They don’t have any good ideas.

And without a good idea to work on, these people feel stuck.  But that’s a feeling you can’t afford when you have a deadline.

So how do you push through?

Depends. If you have full creative freedom, follow the fun. Put a pin in the project that’s not working out and move on to something else that puts a skip in your step. 

Does the excitement wear off before you can reach the end? Then don’t be so precious about what you put down on the page. Forget ideas about what the scene has to accomplish and focus on something else. Perhaps fun dialogue.

Are you forced to finish a project someone else gave you? Then keep in mind that the blank page is not the one to worry about. Worry about page 10 or 30. Because that’s when the real problems will show up.

Page one is actually the easiest because you haven’t screwed anything up yet.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach