Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Finishing Your New Year’s Resolutions

I love March. Not just because it marks the start of spring, but because it’s the point where most people have long given up on their starry-eyed New Year’s resolutions. 

Perfect. That means the time is ripe for meaningful change.

After all, anyone can visit the gym, eat more salads, and get someone to slap the Fritos out of their orange-dusted fingers for a while. But only a few can continue their life-enriching behaviours for long.

The big difference between the quitters and winners?

The winners have connected their goals and actions with who they want to be. They haven’t frivolously set targets for themselves that are just nice to achieve.

Who wouldn’t want to be a master pianist with a PhD in chemical engineering who can fluently speak five languages while looking good enough to be hired for swimwear commercials?

It’d be incredible! But these changes also won’t make your life much better unless you actually care about being a shredded polymath.

And that’s exactly what I’d like you to think about: who do you want to become?

I don’t want to talk you into an existential crisis. So let me make things a little easier for you by asking you something more tangible:

What are the things you’re doing now that feel right and what are the things you’re doing now that are enjoyable but hollow?

Browsing AskReddit for 40 minutes, playing another game of Wordle, and rereading the texts of your crush may seem like harmless and minor events. And they certainly aren’t on the level of changing your career or choosing to have kids.

But all these small choices shape your every day. 

And how you spend your days is how you spend your life.

So be sure to do enough meaningful stuff.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach